Commissioned Wooden Trunks Painted Elephant

elephant trunkelephant trunk elephant trunkelephant trunk

Commissioned Wooden Trunk Painted Giraffe

giraffe trunkgiraffe trunk giraffe trunkgiraffe trunk

Commissioned Wooden Trunk Painted Zebra

zebra trunkzebra trunk zebra trunkzebra trunk

Commissioned Rabbit Hutch Dresser

rabbit hutchrabbit hutch

Zebra Model

zebra modelzebra model

Sea Lion Show Sign Zoo

sea lion signsea lion sign

Galapagos Face Cut-Out Children's Zoo

galap cut outgalap cut out

Llama Face Cut-Out Children's Zoo

llama cut outllama cut out

African Porcupine Sign Zoo (Made with real quills!)

porc signporc sign

Wooden Bench Children's Zoo (I designed and Handpainted)

benchbench benchbench benchbench benchbench