Welcome to my website. In order to capture the reality and character of my subjects, I would like to say I studied at a prestigious University. I must confess, I instead, studied at "the school of hard knocks". By being a self taught artist, I have spent many years learning through trial and error and experimentation. I do believe having an artistic talent is innate and a God given gift.

Being a native San Diegan, as a child I spent much of my time enjoying the San Diego Zoo. As an animal lover, my dream was to one day work there. With much determination, I managed to make my dreams came true. I have now been employed at the Zoo for 27 years, the last 15 years as an animal trainer! This allows me the rare opportunity to get up close and personal to many wild animals that would otherwise be unapproachable. By building a trusting relationship, I am able capture their spirits in my art. I can also leave my "brush strokes" throughout the Zoo and The Wild Animal Park, in the form of habitat murals, signs and many other custom art projects. Another great love of mine is travel to Africa. With that comes the wonderful world of photography. Not only can I capture, compose and create many amazing images of wildlife, but of the native peoples as well, expanding the depth and scope of my paintings.

I hope that the pieces you see in my website will please you as much as creating and securing them has pleased me. Many of the paintings here were done on request by private clients. I am always happy to take on commissioned works, whether it be a mural, paintings or jewelry. All the jewelry is designed by me, many of the hand painted pieces are on watercolor paper, then coated for durability. On those pieces I recommend NOT allowing them to "soak" in water.

Please visit my E-BAY store for more merchandise, the direct link is www.stores.ebay.com/cheetah-chicks-fun-art. Thanks for visiting!